2017 Team Members

Jake Booth

Jacob is a 3rd year Carleton University student studying Electrical Engineering. As his third consecutive year on the Cansat team, Jacob oversees the electrical design process and is heavily involved in the critical software design for the on-board electronics

Nick Kamarianakis

Nick is a 5th year Aerospace engineering student at Carleton University specializing in space systems and design. Nick leads this years Cansat team engaging in both the mechanical and aerodynamics design process involved in developing the deployable glider for the mission as well as handling main administrative duties.

Dave Fahlman

Dave is a returning CanSat team member, currently working on a MSc in Electrical Engineering. He is providing guidance for the mechanical team and coordinates funding and sponsorship

Michael Davidson

Currently a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student specializing in Steam A: Aerodynamics, Propulsion and Vehicle Performance, and is returning from an 16-month internship with Pipe Integrity Technical Support at TransCanada. It is his first year participating as a member of the CanSat team, and is mainly responsible for the aerodynamic performance of the glider including airfoil selection and optimization.

Vanessa Lewis

Vanessa is in her final year of Aerospace Engineering and excited to be a part of the Carleton CanSat team this year. She is designing the canister and it’s deployment mechanism for the glider.

Spencer Cummins

Spencer is an Aerospace Engineering student currently in his final year. This is his second year with Carleton CanSat and he is an active member of the Aero team. He has an interest for solving complex engineering problems and has been developing the wing deployment mechanism for our glider. He also enjoys boating and rock climbing in his free time, especially in and around his home town of West Kelowna B.C. where he spends his summers

David Bascelli

David Bascelli is a third year Aerospace Electronics and Systems Engineering student. He is working on designing the payload electronics board and the low level software interfaces.

Yohanes Hailegiorgis

Currently a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student. It is his first year as a member of the CanSat team and is mainly responsible for designing the fuselage components.