Carleton’s Team

The annual CanSat competition is an international student design-build-launch competition held every year in Texas. This involves the end-to-end life cycle of a simulated planetary atmospheric entry probe.

A science vehicle and its container will be launched in a rocket and dropped at an altitude of approximately 700 m. The science vehicle must be released from its container at a 400 m altitude and then glide safely to the ground in a radial pattern, landing in as close to two minutes as possible. Additional telemetry data of the atmospheric conditions will be collected and transmitted to a ground station where it will be displayed in real time. This year the glider takes a green twist, powered entirely by solar panels.

This year Carleton CanSat consists of engineering students coming from mechanical, electrical, aerospace and software streams. Our goal is to have Carleton University dominate the 2017 CanSat competition, and improve upon our 2nd place finish to win!

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